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Far Cry 4 (Kodi 930488)     

Publikuesi: Ubisoft

Zhvilluesi: Ubisoft

Zhanret: Aksion

Data e Publikimit: 18/11/2014

Numri i Lojtareve: 1

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Far Cry returns with an exotic new setting and immersive open-world experience that will have fans of the franchise glued to their screens. You play as Ajay Ghale, a traveler who finds himself in the far reaches of the Himalayas in order to fulfill his mother's dying wish. To do so, he'll have to trek through the country of Kyrat, where a dictator named Pagan Min rules with an iron fist. Play the first-person shooter solo, or go co-op with a second player who can drop in or out of the game at any moment. Explore the mountainous setting, where unseen dangers lurk around every corner. To help you survive the wild, a whole new arsenal of weapons is yours for the taking!