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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Kodi 930487)     

Publikuesi: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Zhvilluesi: TT Games

Zhanret: Aksion, Aventure

Data e Publikimit: 01/11/2014

Numri i Lojtareve: 1

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The gravel-voiced, dark-clad crusader is back in LEGO form! In this lighthearted, crazy action game over 150 iconic heroes and villains from DC Comics join Batman. Favorites like Killer Croc, Solomon Grundy, the Joker, and many more join Batman for a superheroic adventure. The gameplay is incredibly varied - you can hack computer terminals and enter a virtual world of mazes and battle arenas, or even blast off into outer space. Along with iconic DC locales like the Hall of Justice, the Batcave, and the Justice League Watchtower, you'll travel to other planets. You can check out Lantern worlds while collecting Lantern rings and pursuing Brainiac, the star villain. He's using his powers to shrink cities all over the galaxy and collecting 'em like Pokemon. Only Batman and his pals can put a stop to it!